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Some of the presentations and lectures I have given

  • 27.8.2011 ‘CNELM’ Centre for Nutrition and Lifestyle Management 10th Anniversary Conference. Lecture: “Good Practice – Good Science: Functional Disease.”
  • 10.9.11 CNELM – Whole day seminar. Lecture: “Medically unexplained and functional disease: Physiological and function disturbance explained: Life style education leads to self-responsibility and recovery.”
  • 15.9.2005 Royal Society of Medicine Invited Workshop. Section of General Practice. Lecture: “Unexplained symptoms – The effect of dysfunctional breathing.”
  • 22.9.2006 For Conference: “The emotional challenges of practice.”
  • 14.9.2009 Royal Society of Medicine GP Forum. Lecture: “Respiratory Physiology.”
  • 14.11.13 British School of Osteopathy Afternoon Workshop. Lecture: “Practical Applications of Psycho-Neuro-Immunology on form and function in osteopathy.”
  • 13.6.15 Osteopathy in the 3rd Age Sutherland College of Osteopathy – Two workshops. Lecture: “Ageing well: maintaining optimal health and wellbeing.”
  • 19.5.2014 RCGP Thames Valley Study Day. Lecture: “Irritable Bowel and Other Functional Syndromes: ‘why introduce collaborative self-care strategies within Primary Care.”
  • 13.6.2015 Mindful Breathing Workshop. Lecture: “How the breath leads our stress responses: the breaths pivotal role in maintaining health”
  • 18-20. 5. 2009 Hawkwood College Two-day workshop with John Preston. Lecture: “Mind/Body Medicine and Mindfulness.”
  • Oct 2008 Royal Society of Medicine Conference Into this breathing world. Conference presentation: “Into this breathing world.”
  • 15-19. 9. 2008 28th Annual GP Forum Royal Society of Medicine. Lecture: “Doctor’s well-being and stress: Understanding critical concepts in maintaining wellbeing.”
  • 1.4.2007 AGM/ Conference The Foundation for Emotional Therapy. Lecture: “The connection between emotions and disease.”
  • 12.12.2007 Cirencester Science and Technology Society. Lecture: “Primary care and whole person medicine: Beyond mind body dualism.”
  • 13.4.2007 Presentation ‘Innovations in Mental Health’ Conference
  • 6.10.2006 International Society for the Advancement of Respiratory Psychophysiology Bristol. Lecture: “Setting the scene: Is there a place for adjuvant breathing therapy?”
  • 19.4.2007 Invited visit to the Gawler Foundation – Australia: Sustainable well being
  • May 2012 British Geriatric Society Meeting Llandudno. Lecture: “Anticipatory Care for Older People ‘Stay Well 75+.”
  • March 2017 Conference on Mental Health Innovations Birmingham Dillington House. Lecture: “Medically Unexplained Symptoms Cost Savings from an enhanced care pathway.”
  • 9.7.12 Occupational Health Study Day Cheltenham: “Strategies to maintain health, wellbeing and performance.”
  • 2.9.11 CNELM Workshop: The breath: Physiology and Acid Base Balance
  • 23.2.2007 Day workshop ‘Restore Functional Breathing with Capnography’
  • 14.3.2008 Workshop for St Helens PCT and Child Health Team. ‘Capnography and breathing retraining.’
  • 2000- present: Conference presentations in Palermo, Washington, Melbourne, The Netherlands.
  • 18.4.2013 Bridging the Gap Bristol Postgraduate Workshop. Lecture: “A fresh look at functional ill health.”
  • 22.4.2014 One-day workshop for Conference: London. Therapists wellbeing day.
  • 14.10.2014 Centre for Nutrition and Lifestyle Management Wokingham. Day workshop. “Clinical audit: Developing your practice.”
  • 2 -4 November 2012 Opening Speaker: Conference Yoga and the Mind. Lecture: “Yoga and the route to the mind.”
  • 15.2.2013 CNELM One day workshop. Lecture: “Dysfunctional breathing and pathological consequences.”
  • 3.5.2013 Association for Coaching Meeting with Helen Whitten Presentation. Lecture: “Recovery Strategies: from Hyper-arousal to Resilience.”
  • 19.5.2015 RCGP Thames Valley Study Day. Lecture: “Irritable Bowel and other Functional Syndromes.”
  • 27-29.8.2010 The Scientific and Medical Network Conference. Lecture: “Mind as Healer, Mind as Destroyer.” Presentation to Conference. Medical and Scientific Network 7.8.2013.
  • David L Beales; J Colehan; David Brodie; Beales D L; Workshop: “The relationship between capnography data, Nijmegan scores, disease severity and disease specific quality of life in asthmatics”. 2002 Annual conference of the International Society for psycho physiology.
  • Beales D L Workshop leader ‘Bridging the Gap’ Poster summary by Leanne Hayward.

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