As I explored the research I found that the gut bacteria Helicobacter Pylori was associated with Parkinson’s disease and wondered whether my gut bacteria had been affected by the contaminated water?


I was medical adviser to the centre for nutrition and lifestyle management (CNELM) and was still lecturing for CNELM in Wokingham. I asked the principal Kate Neil for a nutritionist recommendation and she suggested I see Karina Athwal at U Matter Nutrition in Chipping Norton. She suggested a GI map looking, in a faecal sample, at the DNA signature of bugs within the gut and included a measure of inflammation called Calprotectin. And I was carrying Helicobacter Pylori and had a very unhealthy micro biome with Calprotectin levels eight times normal. I was suffering from some gastrointestinal symptoms particularly gut sluggishness.

I remembered, before the consultant diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, I had had a colonoscopy. The ‘on the ball’ registrar thought I might have Parkinson’s and referred me to head of neurology and her team.


Within an often-fragmented health service this was not followed through with an appointment. I later heard in writing (after I complained about the delay) that early diagnosis with early referral is not policy. I understood that the reason for this is that this neurological team did not think that early diagnosis is helpful because of the present absence of long-term benefit from present treatments. They are therefore not prioritised following referral from the general practitioner to be seen soon but wait for routine appointments within 18 weeks. My delay when I was eventually referred by my GP was six months.

If you have Parkinson’s and were referred from your GP what is your experience?

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