I was treated with triple therapy antibiotics and eradicated the Helicobacter bug. I was still very stiff particular around the shoulders in the morning and was so weak at times that I could not get out of the bath or comfortably rise up from a chair. After six weeks or so after the antibiotics I was about 20% improved.

I mentioned before how I was seeing nutritionist Karina Athwal. She suggested changing my diet to one containing extra fibre with fruit and vegetables and courses of pre-biotics and post-biotics. Much more of a focus on adding vegetables was suggested. I started the rainbow diet described by Dr Michael Mosley in his Clever Guts Diet book – ‘How to revolutionise your body from the inside out’.


By now I had read and discovered that vigorous exercise was showing promise and that the Warrior PD program was being run from the Hobbs Rehabilitation Centre near Winchester in Hampshire. I had an excellent physiotherapy assessment and then joined the Parkinson’s Warrior PD program in Hampshire run from a community hall not far from my home.

I was also going to the excellent Winchester Parkinson’s UK meetings and learning about other support and therapies. I took a course in the Alexander Technique which helped my balance and the ability to shift my centre of gravity so that I could get up from a chair transfer more easily.

Tale of Recovery

I had read Norman Doidges’ book: The Brain That Changes Itself. In Chapter 2 I read about the transformation from wheelchair-bound to normal activities for an individual (John Pepper) who had recovered completely from PD. The original diagnosis been confirmed by two consultant neurologists and he had been wheelchair-bound before embarking on his program treated with L-dopa. He had been able to discontinue drugs, by conscious vigorous walking.

Hope was Rising

I was benefiting from the warrior PD program. I also embarked on vigorous stretching and resistance training daily. Research show that it doesn’t take long to decondition muscles. Making them work with weights or resistance bands is necessary to recondition build strength. My strength steadily improved and with it walking and mobility.

I am considering weight lifting offered by the Avenue Club in Kew to build ‘core stability’ and go to yoga classes for flexibility.

Life is good in Kew with new friends and a 14k walk two weeks ago with good company – tennis too.

Have you addressed your symptoms through diet and exercise? If so, what works for you?

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